Penis size doesn’t matter in lovemaking – Sex Coach

Popular sex coach, Dzifah Sweetness, has stated that she does not really care about the size of the penis of her partner so far as he is able to please her sexually and make her reach an orgasm.

She made these revelations on e.TV Ghana’s adult entertainment program ‘IN BED WITH ADWENE’, adding that the size of the penis obviously does not matter during sex. ” It’s the positioning that matters. Get the sexual positioning right and you will sexually please the woman no matter how small or large her vagina is’’ she said.

She reiterated her earlier assertion that the size of a man’s penis has nothing to do with his ability to give pleasure or not.

She said “A woman may experience painful sex with a man with a huge penis and may have pleasurable and unforgettable sex with one with a rather small penis. In such a case, the woman will always run to the man with small manhood who gave her pleasurable and unforgettable sex.”

However, the debate about the link between the size of a man’s penis and his sexual performance is one that rages on as some women prefer bigger manhood and others prefer average or small. Perhaps this is a matter of choice and not that one size fits all.

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